Nesselro Winter Fruit Compote

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2014-03-05 11:05:30

Nesselro Winter Fruit Compote: Combine the following ingredients:4 grapefruits - Sectioned2lbs & 8oz sliced cling peaches – drained (save the juice from peaches and add to grapefruit juice to make 2 cups of juice)4tsp. orange bitters (if unavailable substitute 2tsp of orange liqueur - I use 1 tsp of Curacao & 1 tsp Grand Marnier)1 tsp lemon rind (I like the rind and usually put in up to 2 tsp)4 tsp lemon juice1 jar of Nesselro Fruit topping 1 hour before serving, add 2 pts of sliced frozen strawberries (thawed). Add more lemon juice to tasteYou can make half a recipe to serve 8-10 people and use 1/2 jar of the nesselroSubmitted By

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