Chicken Teriyaki Mi-Lem

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2014-03-19 08:11:21

Chicken Teriyaki Mi-Lem Marinate cut boneless chicken breasts in ½ cup Mi-Lem', ½ cup low sodium soy sauce, 1 Tbsp. each finely minced garlic and ginger and 1 Tbsp. dry sherry (optional). Stir fry chicken and desired vegetables. Remove from pan and set aside. Add marinade and 1 cup chicken broth to pan drippings and simmer. Thicken with corn starch. Return stir fry to pan, heat and serve. Submitted By

Ultimate Milem Margarita

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2014-03-19 08:15:39

Ultimate Milem Margarita Mi-Lem Giroux Triple Sec Club Tahiti Margarita Salt   In cocktail shaker or blender  mix 2-1/2 jiggers Mi-Lem, ¾ jigger Tequila, ½ jigger Giroux  Triple Sec. If desired, before pouring Margarita  into cocktail glass, moisten rim with  Mi-Lem', turn upside down and twist  rim in Club Tahiti Margarita Salt.   Submitted By

Basin Street

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2014-03-20 06:31:54

BASIN STREET Equal Parts of: Mi-Lem Giroux Triple Sec Burbon   Mix well with chopped ice.  Add fruit to glass for garnish Submitted By

Whiskey Sour

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2014-03-20 06:43:07

Whiskey Sour In a blender combine 1 cup Mi-Lem 1 cup Orange juice 1 cup Canadian Whiskey   fill with ice and blend.  Excellent whiskey sour  Submitted By


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2014-03-20 06:54:06

Evergreen  4 Jigger Coconut juice 1/2 Jigger Light rum 1 Jigger Pineapple juice 1/2 Jigger Milem Sweetened Lemon Juice 1/3 Jigger Green syrup   Combine and stir.   Submitted By

Side Car

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2014-03-20 07:28:59

Side Car 1-3/4 oz. Remy Martin V.S.O.P 1/4 oz. Cointreau 2 oz. Mi-Lem Sweetened Lemon Juice   Shake. Sugar rimmed glass Submitted By

Drink of the House (DOH)

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2014-03-20 07:40:59

Drink of the House (DOH) This drink is a cocktail made with Rye, blended or Canadian wiskey (personal choice)  Served over ice, perfect for a pre-dinner cocktail. Invented by George Griffin of Valley Stream NY in the 1960's. Family tradition ever since. Start with a rock glass, fill with ice cubes.  two drops of Bitters 1.5 oz of choice Wiskey .5 to .75 oz of Milem (to taste) 1/4 to 1/3 teaspoon of Cherry Juice one maricino cherry   Stir with coctail stir stick, 20 times in each direction. Enjoy Submitted By

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