Specialty Foods

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Ultimate Gourmet offers specialty foods from brands with decades of tradition.;From Firehouse Barbeque sauces, marina...



  • BBQ Sauces

    Firehouse® taste of San Francisco comes to life in our fabulous barbeque sauces

  • Marinades

    Firehouse® marinades infuse great flavors and aromas into your favorite meals.

  • Rubs

    Firehouse® Rubs bring Kansas City style barbeque right to your table.

  • Prepared Chestnuts

    Raffetto® Prepared Chestnuts are delicious and bring a taste of home.

    For recipes using Prepared Chestnuts click here

  • Topping

    Ultimate Gourmet's Raffetto® topping have been pleasing palettes since 1888.

  • Jam and Jelly

    Raffetto® Jam and Jelly recipes are a proud tradition dating back to the 19th century.

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